Earn over CHF 150.-/hour


Our trainings and coachings make it possible – everybody can earn over CHF 150.-/hour.


With an own strong „I“brand. What does that mean?

Everybody can increase his hourly payment from CHF 20. - To over CHF 250. - an hour. Successful personalities do have a unique way to work which divides them from the mass of people. They are self-confident, communicative, brave, and charismatic, are self-secure and do live without the mask of selfishness. To be successful and t live free is the dream we all share. But unfortunately we cannot live according to our dreams because our schools do not teach us the necessary abilities which would lead us to happiness.


In school we learn...

... Different languages, but not how to communicate successfully. We don´t learn how to build up relationships or how to deepen them.

... Math, but not how to handle finances.

... History and geography, but not how to solve problems, how to get rid of fears or how to set goals. We don´t learn how to develop motivation and how to become a happy person.


With that knowledge we do of course achieve basics to be able to survive at the market and to earn our living. But since everybody gets the same education your own worth at the labor market goes down. The rarer somebody or something is the more a person or an object is worth. So we have to realize that the knowledge we get taught in school makes us easily replaceable by qualified people or even robots. The trend moves clearly into direction robots. Nowadays a lot of people have lost their jobs already due to digitalizing.

Every single company is interested in lowering costs and increasing profit at the same time.  As an employer you do not have to pay retirement plan, unemployment insurance, and disability insurance and so on for a robot.

Because of these changings in economy and labor market a lot of service oriented employees such as insurance consultants, financial consultants, etc. will lose their jobs. The main question is how do I cope with these changes? What does the future look like? One thing is definitive: Technical development and changes cannot be stopped. The question is, are we dynamic enough to adjust to technical development and connect with the changes.

The good news:

There is one thing which the robots cannot do. Robots can´t be creative like human beings. Creativity helps us to find innovative solutions. Every human being is unique, has special talents and abilities and strength which should be explored. If we find out those abilities and combine them with creative force we will be able to create new systems and services and develop new products that will satisfy the needs of our customers. We will receive the reward for our effort.

Every person can make it

Birol Isik achieved his set goals and has found his true vocation. He together with Mrs. Lovric started from scratch at home in a room of only 14 square meters developing systems and solutions for peoples ‘needs. They serve people with their systems and help every participant to achieve set goals. Mister Birol Isik has started with an hourly payment of CHF 80.-. His worth at the labor market has increased nonstop ever since.  Companies and private clients are willing to pay up to over CHF 2500.- per hour for his coaching. He is convinced that everybody can make it and achieve what one wants. Because not everybody can afford a private coaching with Mister Isik he has developed his “14 weeks transforming program”. You should also profit of his long-term experience as business man, lecturer and trainer.

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The SNF Academy offers lectures, seminars and workshops for topics such as personality development, health, sales and motivation in the areas Aargau, Zug, Zurich, Glarus, Basel, Bern, Schwyz and Lucerne since 2012.

Our trainings and the courses are perfectly balanced which makes our concept one of a kind and so special at the market.

If specially inquired we also offer mental coaching for professional sports men and women, managers or private costumers in the counties of Aargau, Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, Glarus and Basel.


Mister Isik Birol also offers sales training, lectures and seminars to companies and their staff. Details are available under www.bkseminare.com



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