Our trainings and courses are intensive, unique and practical.

Training Nourishment and Fitness

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Ernährungscoach Ausbildung
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Ausbildung Fitnesstrainer

Courses to develop your potential and company strategies

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Consciousness development and self-employment

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Information event

You are interested in our trainings and courses?

Then you should not miss this event. During the information event you will get to know more about our trainings and courses as well as about Mister Isik and Mrs. Lovric. We will introduce the concept of the SNF Academy and the numerous advantages which you will profit from when enrolling with our academy. Our academy looks for the most potential participants. Increase your chances to get invited after you registered for our information event: To do so you should check out the actual course dates and gather some information about Mister Isik and Mrs. Lovric in advance.

Training to "Certificated Nutrition Coach SNFA"


After succeeding this training you are capable to:

  • Analyze the nutrition and food habits of your clients

  • Create individual diet plans 

  • You will understand the connection between gaining and losing weight, digesting system and hormones

  • Provide professional food coaching

  • Plan and lead appointments

  • Consult about supplements

  • Recommend products and sell them

  • Build up a profitable business model

  • Built up a base of numerous regular clients​


Lead your costumers in simple and uncomplicated steps to their goals through our individual and complete nutrition coaching. Due to our education you will definitely separate yourself from the common food coaches at the market. Not only can you offer your clients the latest scientific knowledge in the fields of nutrition management and health but you also offer them a complete solution for a long-term success.


Training to "Certificated Personal Trainer SNFA"


You don´t just want to offer your costumers a nutrition management but also detailed fitness trainings? 

After this training course you are capable to:

  • Analyze training schedules

  • Create new individual training plans

  • Provide professional personal training

  • Plan appointments and set them up

  • Motivate, inspire and lead your clients

  • Build up a profitable business


As one of the best personal trainers in Switzerland you will be able not only to create individual training plans according to your client´s needs but also lead him/her to their goal in inspiring and motivating manner. You are THE fitness- and health expert for your costumers.

Motivation- & mental coaching course


A lot of nutrition coaches and personal trainers are not very self-confident. They often have an aura of fear and do not really represent a zest for life. As a nutrition coach or personal trainer we have to show motivation, self-confidence, zest for life and passion. That is the only way to win costumers and built up a profitable business. In our training you will achieve the necessary self-confidence which will lead to a force of attraction.



​Contents of this course:

  • Build up self-confidence

  • Become more attractive

  • Get rid of fears

  • Be aware of offered chances in life

  • Set up goals and reach them

  • Make your dreams come true

  • Be aware of yourself and learn to love yourself


Marketing-, communication- and sales training


Learn how to place yourself and the services you provide as nutrition coach, personal trainer or independent business person optimally at the market.


  • Facebook: How can I reach future customers via Facebook?

  • YouTube: How do I get contracts by using YouTube?

  • Xing:  How can I win companies for contracts via Xing?

  • Website: How do I generate the traffic on my web page?

  • How do I represent myself and my products on my web site?


In this course you will learn how future clients get better aware of your products and services and win clients due to well organized marketing, transparent, well balanced conversation and successful sales talk.

Leadership training "lead myself" 


Successful personal trainers, business people, nutrition coaches and coaches of all kinds know the rules of the game called life.


Contents of this course:


  • How do I handle stress?

  • Motivation – get rid of problems with motivation and become a magnet for success

  • How does our brain work? How can I get rid of bad habits?

  • Set up goals and reach them – live more successful and more satisfied

  • How can I lead the sales talk?

  • Body language and communication technics

  • The art to hold a brilliant lecture -  tricks and hints

  • How can I make my ideas become reality? How can I start my own business?

  • Mental coaching - spiritualty – more energy in life due to self-knowledge

  • Up to 30% more income


​When will the next trainings and courses take place?​

​Topical course schedule is available here >> overview trainings and dates

​What qualifications do I have to have to get accepted into the courses and to get through the training successfully?

  • The will to achieve things in life

  • It is possible to join even when you have a different, not related education

  • Participants come from Switzerland/Germany/Austria

  • Capable to speak and write German fluent (training sessions will be held in Swiss German dialect)

Our concept is unique in Europe

  • With our concept your will definitely lead your clients to their wanted figure

  • Our expertise does not only consist of nutrition science and science of sports but covers the topics sales, marketing, positioning, communication, mental coaching, developing personality, motivation, success and many more, too.

  • Mrs. Daniela Lovric and Mister Isik Birol will teach you their experiences and knowledge they have been using successfully as body builders, mental coaches, lecturers and business people since 12 years.

  • You will be more visible and more attractive for clients due to our networking with our Website (over 40'000 Facebook Followers, www.snfa.chwww.fitpro24.ch, etc.)

  • We will promote you as expert in our company lectures, public seminars and workshops

  • You will receive up to 30% discount on products such as protein shakes and sporting clothes etc.

  • We do have our first coaching center in Aarau since Sept 5th 2015 and more centers are in planning.

  • There is the possibility to get booked as lecturer by our Academy after participating our trainings successfully. Possible daily payments vary from CHF 300.- to CHF 1000.-/day.


Qualification needed


Quality is a must for us. Hence only by B. Isik and D. Lovric selected candidates receive the opportunity to participate in education trainings and courses of the SNF Academy.


Procedure in case of interest


Contact the SNF Academy via the provided contact form or get registered for the next possible information event.




After reading your contact inquiry you will receive a call within the next 72 hours under the condition that you have qualified for a personal call. Please understand that the academy might make use of its right not to answer your inquiry due to the high number of qualified applicants.

Key data

Number of participants: 10 - 15 people

Training days: Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm

Remark: The specific courses and certificates will be explained more detailed during the info day. >> Click here to register

Location: Swiss Nutrition & Fitness Academy, Aarauerstrasse 4, 5630 Muri/AG, Switzerland >> Route planning (click here)

Lecturer: Daniela Lovric, Birol Isik, Ebru Kanik

>> Schedule: education & courses 2017 (click here)

​Attention: Due to the high demand we have the right not to call back all interested applicants.


This is how you can increase the chance to be contacted by us in return:

1. Check out the training dates >> click here
2. Inform yourself about Mister Isik >> click here
3. Inform yourself about Mrs. Lovric Daniela >> click here
4. You have questions about the possible educations and courses? Under the following link you will find the answers to the mostly asked questions >> click here
5. What divides us from SAFS, Migros Klubschule and other academies >> click here

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The SNF Academy offers lectures, seminars and workshops for topics such as personality development, health, sales and motivation in the areas Aargau, Zug, Zurich, Glarus, Basel, Bern, Schwyz and Lucerne since 2012.

Our trainings and the courses are perfectly balanced which makes our concept one of a kind and so special at the market.

If specially inquired we also offer mental coaching for professional sports men and women, managers or private costumers in the counties of Aargau, Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, Glarus and Basel.


Mister Isik Birol also offers sales training, lectures and seminars to companies and their staff. Details are available under www.bkseminare.com



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