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"To own an own company, being the chairman of an AG and to have an own academy, surely she is the child of rich people or inherited lots of money“.


"It is so easy for you, you are well trained and attractive, you are professionals in what you do and well known. That would be way too difficult for me to achieve.”


"No government degree yourself but you teach people, that is surely not serious. How can quality and standard be assured like that?”


Statements like above or similar ones inspired me to write a short text about my own career. Things look differently from outside than what they really are. I want to reach as many people as possible to show them what could be achieved if you have dreams. Of course you have to be motivated and stay focused. You should not listen to people who envy you. Remain faithful to your values and do what you love to do.

To love, to live and let live


I was born February 8th, 1990, 27 years ago. I had an awesome start in life, loving parents and a curios sister of 21/2 years age enriched my life. I was lucky; the biggest treasure in life was given to me at barely little over 1 foot tall, the endless love of my parents. That love has pushed me my whole life and still is a source of my energy. I am convinced that the love of my parents is responsible for my development as warm, fair and faithful human being.


The most important thing in life was not taught to me in school or college but by my Mum. She is Swiss and works as social worker (originally teacher). She taught me the following point of view:

„Accept every human being the way he/she is, never judge, never blame and never put yourself over all others.“


She also taught me to follow my heart and to see the beauty in this world. The most precious thing is that my Mum stands behind me 100%. She always said that she would stand behind me, never mind what I wanted to do, do as a job or experience in my own life.

My father taught me discipline, endurance, and sense for responsibility. He taught me to love the people around me, introduced me to spirituality, and helped me to develop bravery to swim against the stream and questioning things in life. Being a man from Croatia it wasn´t easy for my father in Switzerland. Although he had studied business management and was the front desk manager of a hotel in Croatia his education was not accepted in Switzerland. He had to work as factory employee to feed his family. But he was hard working and ambitious and achieved a new position as insurance advisor and almost made it to a branch leader. But he decided to take another road. He was aware that the job he was doing not really matched his values and that he was meant to be a different person. He wanted to help people as a male nurse and went back to school at the age of 38. He achieved the degree as certificated male nurse.

I was two years old when my parents separated. My mum moved along with my sister and myself. We moved 16 times. Despite the divorce I was able to stay deeply connected to both parents. My grandpa Heinrich Maurer helped me and was my rock in the tide. He is an incredibly warm, caring, faithful and correct person who always stood by my side. He always had an open ear and great advice for me.

Heritage, Lottery & Investors

We never had lots of money. But my sister and I never had to miss anything in life. My mother always worked since she was a single Mum. She always put us first. My father wasn´t earning much either with his 80% contract but he always supported us as much as he could. However, the financial background was far from what we needed to build up the own business.

Independent and free or better start work in the known system?!


Although we faced a lot and got to know the dark side of life thanks to some mean, unscrupulous people, I never developed to a bad character. I was always a good student, after school I joined the office college and even achieved a college degree. As a teenager I informed my Mum that I will start an own business one day. I started my job career with a bank and an insurance company but decided to stay in Los Angeles for 6 months. When I returned I decided to study business management.


When I was a teenager I was always on the chubby side. The highest weight on scale was 73 kilos and 35% body fat. Today my weight is 60kilos and 20% body fat. So when people say “it is so easy for you with your figure” I have to tell them that hard work, duration, sweat and discipline result in my figure. I had wished to change my figure for a long time but just did not have the drive to change things. Nowadays I know why. I was not healthy, always unhappy and tired. I had worked in an insurance office, had 4 different part time jobs in clubs in Zurich and studied business management in Lucerne in addition until 2015. I hated my job, I could not identify with the values of my company, and I studied a topic which never really inspired me. All this drained my energy. Due to the fact that I worked in Clubs in the night time I started to feed myself with chocolate and energy drinks to fight the exhaustion. Fast food was on my daily diet as well to safe time.


The decision


I grew more tired every day, got unhealthier and unhappier with each passing week. After facing the same mess daily I suddenly decided to change my life completely. I resigned my insurance office job from one day to the other not knowing what would happen next.

I registered in a fitness studio and changed my eating habits. I still lacked the bravery to stop my studies and I also kept my part-time jobs as I was living alone and needed to earn some money to cover costs of living in Zurich.


Visions and dreams

Shortly after that change in life I met Birol again. Once more things changed a 180°. We had already met in 2011 but lost sight of each other again.

 In July 2013 our paths crossed once more and I decided to move to his place after 2 weeks only. I resigned all part time jobs, quit my studies and decided to fulfil my dream of an own business.

It might sound nice but it was the start of the toughest time in my life. We worked together 16-18 hours daily 7 days a week. We had no vacation, no off time, sometimes no sleep either.

We had no time for relationship, spare time activities or relaxing. The only thing we could afford was 2 hours gym daily.

It was hard at the beginning. Nobody knew us, nobody took us seriously, people laughed at us and friends dumped us. We worked whole nights on flyers and received not a single booking for our coaching. Outsiders thought we trained the whole day and shot a few videos. Truth was we worked hundreds of hours. When others were out at parties or at the lake we worked, when others took vacations we studied on our concepts, set up lecturers and prepared seminars.

We tried out marketing ways, texted promotion info, built up webpages etc. Every photo or video was shot by ourselves and we are not just talking the 2000 pictures which we have published. Four hard discs full of photo and video material. We worked on every single picture ourselves. Every line of text was written by us. In addition, we had to do all the administrative work as well.

We had to call costumers, go through emails, write orders, book hotels, prepare offers, and write invoices, check payments, prepare seminar brochures, design flyers and dossiers.

Since my family did not live close by and we hardly had any friends left yet had no time to get to know new people we mostly handled all that alone.

When you do something which you really want, then no way is too rocky, no work too heavy and no fear big enough to stop you!


From being Amateurs to Professionals


I loved my work from the very first moment on. I invested so much time and passion that I can clearly say I am one of the best in my field. I always had the talent to gain a lot of knowhow in a short amount of time and connect it with information I already knew.  I was able to grasp the information of 500 pages books within 2 days. I specialized myself in nutrition and fitness. I did not only read 1-2 books. I went through hundreds of books, lectures, Websites, seminars and so on. I looked for more and more answers to countless questions. I studied until I understood every little process, every connection and every detail. I visited nutrition coaches, sport doctors and nutrition scientists. On one hand I wanted to test the expertise available at the market on the other side I wanted to learn everything available. I tested nutrition coach after nutrition coach and was highly astonished about the knowledge of government approved coaches.

Founding an own Academy


I founded our academy together with my partner Birol Isik to t rain my own nutrition coaches. We are not convinced of the quality of nutrition academies available. We decided not to join the government approved academies but to come up with our own concept. I did not want to waste my time by studying at a school that wouldn´t have been able to teach me all that expertise which I had gained already, just for the sake of receiving a government approved certificate.

False security versus freedom


If you want to count blindly on a certificate only then our academy is not the right place for you. Of course, you will receive a certificate of our academy Swiss Nutrition & Fitness AG after passing through the final exam but it is not government approved.  We are visionary people, mavericks so to speak. People who want to achieve a degree that allows them to work 8-9 hours in a studio for maximum CHF 4000. - While their boss tells them what they should do and what they cannot do is not an ideal candidate for us. The wish for a certificate reflects the wish for security. Who wishes for security will never be willing to take risks. But people who do not take risks will never grow and achieve great things in life. Failure is not an option in our academy.

Only people who give up really fail. A person who never gives up is a person who won´t fail. A person who does not dare anything will never win or gain anything. So many people strive for security and don´t even realize that they merely exist but don´t really live anymore.


Live or just exist?


What is the difference for me between living and existing?


Existing for me is to swim along with the general stream of people and to be present on this planet. One gets up every day to go to work and to pay bills at the end of the month. Generally payment remains the same and bills to be payed don´t get less so one works a whole life time just to survive. That, for me is the meaning of existing.

To live is to enjoy life to the fullest. For me that means to learn new stuff every day, to be happy, experience things in life, taking risks, falling and getting up again, and to get better every day. If you don´t dare anything in live you will not gather experience and if you don´t gather experience you will have to stick with the life you are going to live for many years. The majority of people name that security, I name it prison. We could achieve so much more in life if only we dare to take risks. I do not say that everybody has to start an own business. But those among us who are unhappy and unsatisfied really have to risk something to change the situation in their lives.

Our vision


We are not a general school that teaches the same knowhow and issues the same certificate to thousands of students and send them into work environment without any further support. We want to pass on more than just expertise. Of course it will be the basis to build up a profitable business. But we are more specialized in encouraging people and show them ways they don´t know yet. We hand them over tools to take over responsibilities for their own lives. We show them how they can motivate themselves and others on long term. We teach them to love themselves and to communicate successfully with others and so much more. These are all things you won´t learn in a general school. But these topics are necessary to live a successful and happy life.

Mental Coaching & Development of Awareness


Why do I focus so much on this topic although this is supposed to be about my own career? Well, this is exactly that changed my life so tremendously. I cannot put in words how much my life has changed since I have been working with my own consciousness. Nowadays nothing can really stop me. Meanwhile we do face a lot of people who envy us. They waste their energy on jealousy and making life difficult for us.

Years ago that would have really depressed me or at least would have left me feeling insecure. Today I am looking forward to every obstacle. A new challenge means I can build up something again. I am not worried about making mistakes because mistakes teach me and make me stronger day by day. I am happy about all the people who laughed about us at the beginning and follow upon our success now. Not because of malicious joy but with hope that we might have enriched their lives and that they might see a chance for their own future. But most of all I am happy about the countless hours during which we cried, laughed, trembled, screamed, and cheered because the life that has developed within those many hours is unbelievable.

Hard work is always rewarded


We look back to over 30 Seminars and workshops, over 41000 Facebook followers, 4 written books, building up Swiss Nutrition & Fitness AG, an own Academy and a data base of over 2000 customers. And we opened the doors to an own coaching center. All this has been achieved within 3, 5 years.

 All this with our own energy and not much money. No bank or investor helped us. I do not want to express that we are way better than all the others. I was taught by my parents: I would never put myself higher than other people and I do not want to lose contact to the ground. I just want to make my point clear that nobody should say “it is all so easy for you, you are attractive, well trained, professionals and well known. It would be too difficult for me to do the same.” We were both overweight, not trained at all, un educated in this field and unknown to the people, we both were brought up in poor families and did not have much support. .


So if we could make it, everybody can – under the condition you really want to make it in life!

Inspiration & Motivation


We do think our task is to enrich other peoples´ lives with our motivation, expertise and experience. Our main goal is to support people to achieve more in life. Every human being is unique and should get a chance to live his/her unique personality.


The most precious thing a person can be blessed with is awareness. Many thanks for your awareness and interest to get to know my story and for your open mind. Only those who remain open minded and curious in life is able to achieve the almost impossible dream!


From the bottom of my heart


Daniela Lovric

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