What are the differences compared to other academies?


Our concept and courses distinguish a lot from other trainings and our Academy is different from every other college. At this point we want to show you the main differences:




Unlike other in schools we do not offer our trainings such as Certificated Nutrition Coach/Certificated Personal Trainer, or our motivation course/mental coaching/marketing-sales and communication or our program Leadership “Lead Yourself” to just everybody. We do select our participants very strictly. We do only accept people with certain talents and abilities such as strong spirit, are determined, mavericks, self-confidence, visions, and being willing to change things in life. Our participants have to share our values like trust, love, loyalty, honesty and reliability.

That is the reason why people who are interested to join us have to apply first. It might happen that the applicant gets invited to an interview or information day event. The big advantage of this system is that if a participant gets accepted he/she can be reassured that he/she will be in class with people of the same interests. It will be a classroom full of visionary people, mavericks and champions. Participants face a source of energy in those classes that you will never encounter in other schools where students rather look forward to the coming weekend instead of learning. That is one of the things which are so special about our Academy. We bring people together, offer strength and faith, build up a network and make dreams come true.


Continues support and lasting success


After people participate other training programs or learn at general colleges the sad fact is that you are one of hundreds of others and you will probably be left alone after you receive your degree.

You will be left alone to face a brutal market of competition. The best a trainer or coach can hope for now is to get hired in a studio under the condition that he/she can beat all the other applicants.


That has nothing to do with lasting support or lasting success of an Academy. If a person wants to build up a better life and better career and should remain motivated he/she has to fulfill own dreams. That is the only way to be able to do your job with passion and have fun doing it.

Only if we are allowed to do what´s fun for us and where we want to do it we will experience long-term happiness. Not only that, you will also be an independent person, financially, emotionally, mentally and physically free. Not only do our students gain the job expertise but they also learn to fulfil their dreams in our Academy. We never leave our students alone, not during free days and surely not after they achieve their certificate. We think and feel with them, we do support them in business as well as private matters. We do not think of us as teachers and coaches only but also as friends of our students. We do book our Certificated Nutrition and Certificated Personal Trainers for lectures, seminars, workshops, and promote them on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Thanks to such promoting our participants can quickly build up their own clientele and earn their living.

Duration of training


To receive your certificate in other schools or colleges you have to join them at least for 1-2 years. In our opinion this is way too long. If an education program takes too long the student often loses his dynamic energy and has to wait way too long to use the learned knowhow and train it.

What it is the meaning of that?


People should make use of new knowledge they learn within 72 hours. If one waits too long to use it is gets more and more difficult to practice it. To achieve things in life we need motivation, power, passion, and visions. At the beginning all this is still available but when training takes too long the student does not have a chance to act. But to act and use the trained knowhow is the base for success.


We want to train people to start a life as self-employed business people not to become just experts. Job wise our students will of course, receive expertise on highest level. But not only that. We will hand out tools to use the knowledge practically on job.


Theory vs Practice


An overweight Nutrition coach lecturer or a non- sporty, unmotivated lecturer for personal trainers has surely nothing to do with being authentic. Unfortunately this a common picture in many Academies and schools. Those lecturers often teach topics which they learned by heart out of a book ages ago. But those lecturers obviously never used their knowledge practically themselves.


This is just another difference. We have been using our expertise for ourselves constantly since over 10 years. We teach strategies, technics and processes with experienced background. Whatever worked successfully I our case is passed onto our students. Success is guaranteed if the participants of our courses use it.


We are mavericks


People who want to have a different life apart from others have to think and act differently from others, too. In school we learn languages but not how to communicate. We learn mathematics but not how to handle finances. We learn how to write plans but not how to take over responsibility. We get taught how heroes on the 19th century lived but not who we are and what our strength and dreams are. We don´t learn what our potential is and not what our wishes are. Our Academy starts teaching at that spot where people lack the knowhow to lead their life and destiny by themselves.

 That is why our school is named Academy for mavericks and that is also the reason why we cannot accept every applicant for this Academy because not everybody is ready to take over responsibility for his own life.


Sponsoring/support of participants/future possibilities

We want to open up more branches on long run, not only in Switzerland but in Europe generally. Hence we do support talented personalities who have gone through all our courses and trainings. Our lecturers do earn between CHF 300.- to CHF 1000.- per training day of 4-5 hours.

Our trainings and courses are perfectly combined. They are the ultimate expertise package for personalities who plan an independent, free and self-managed life.

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The SNF Academy offers lectures, seminars and workshops for topics such as personality development, health, sales and motivation in the areas Aargau, Zug, Zurich, Glarus, Basel, Bern, Schwyz and Lucerne since 2012.

Our trainings and the courses are perfectly balanced which makes our concept one of a kind and so special at the market.

If specially inquired we also offer mental coaching for professional sports men and women, managers or private costumers in the counties of Aargau, Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, Glarus and Basel.


Mister Isik Birol also offers sales training, lectures and seminars to companies and their staff. Details are available under



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