Books by B. Isik (in german)

Build up self-confidence and strengthen it

For whom are Mister B. Isik´s books recommendable? Personalities who…

  • Want to overcome their fears and get rid of them

  • Build up self-confidence and strengthen it

  • Want to understand the connection between Universe and our life on this planet

  • To reach their goals for sure

  • Want to achieve more satisfaction and fulfilling with help of self- knowledge and sympathy


There is indeed a way that leads to a more successful and happier life. You have to know the single stepping stones to that kind of life. Mister Isik has written down his successfully used knowledge and his experiences.  

Please don´ t forget:

We were trained to be just the way we are nowadays. But that means that we can train ourselves the way we want to be like, too. All we have to do is to be willing to soak up new and well approved knowledge and to use it.

Start now and free yourself from fears and sorrow and design your own life the way you want it to be. Mister Isik´s books are being edited newly at present and should be available again by end of October or November 2017 and will be available as PDF document, too.


Topics and contents

  • Exercises about the topic success

  • How does our subconscious work?

  • How does our brain control our life?

  • The way our values influence our entire life

  • Why is faith an important factor

  • Which strength, talents and abilities do I have?

  • How can I build up self-confidence?

  • Why is the selection of vocabulary so important?

  • How can I get rid of fears?

  • Why should we have to take good care of our health?

  • Why do we feel so small and without power when we are actually strong, grant and powerful?

  • Develop solutions instead of excuses

  • Self-pity causes damage

  • Increase your energy in life by  eating healthy

  • How does success come into being?

  • Develop sympathy for others

  • Success via self-knowledge

  • Why is it important to act

  • How do we achieve charisma?

  • How do I achieve my set goals?

  • And many more


In editing at present, planned publishing October or November 2017
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